2020 – Restock 15 & create 3 New

On March 2, books began their two-month trip to Uganda. This year, Libraries of Love will provide three new libraries and restock 15. A total of 222,704 hardback new or like new books have been shipped since 2005 for our 48 school libraries – all with Dewey spine labels and pockets and cards for borrowing.

We are so thankful for all the supporters who donated books and funding, and special thanks to volunteers who gave their time to make this happen again this year. God bless you one and all. Special thanks to board member Jim Matthews for overseeing the shipping.

On May 5, our shipment arrived safely – all 320 boxes! It took the coordination of several wonderful people, as we are still on lockdown with no cars or other public transport allowed to move. Those who unloaded had to walk to the school. Our LOL coordinator rented a bike and rode endless miles to arrive. Special thanks to Herbert Segujja, our coordinator and John Kisitu, our amazing customs agent! The boxes were unloaded and placed in the library until they can be distributed to all the schools.

Usually there is a team from the USA to do this, but they have had to cancel. The restockings are difficult because every book must come off the shelves and be mixed in with new ones. This year, I will need to have some of our Ugandan librarians join me to put the libraries together. It will happen.