Community Impact

An all volunteer organization, Libraries of Love has created libraries in

43 schools in Uganda
3 prisons in Uganda
6 schools in Kenya

and reached more than

Thousands of students since 2005.

Thousands of  students have enjoyed reading books from Libraries of Love’s 49 school libraries over an 18-year period. Students who attended the first nine schools which received libraries (13,000 students) have moved up to secondary schools, or have graduated from secondary. At these schools, a second “generation” of readers are now borrowing books. That has been one of our goals, younger brothers and sisters having the same access to books as their older siblings. We are thankful. It is a happening. All of our supporters make it happen.

Watch Behind Every Number There Is a Story, a video by U.S. Embassy Kampala that premiered at the National Forum on the State of the Ugandan Child. What will YOU do to make a better future for Uganda’s children?

brochure cover
Save and Share

We have put together a tri-fold brochure that provides a review of Libraries of Love’s recent projects.

After you’ve opened the document, we hope you’ll save it to share with others.


Our Libraries

“A total of 65,000 children have had access to books thanks to our incredible volunteers and donors. Each is truly a library of love.”

“This library is a very big gift that will directly benefit us and our other brothers and sisters in the coming generations.”

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