Our Mission Statement

The purpose of Libraries of Love is to promote literacy in Africa by partnering with Africans to create libraries in individual schools, provide financial support to assist in the educational development of individuals, and address humanitarian needs in Africa.

Helping create a reading culture in Uganda and Kenya.

Jan. 12, 2023 -Jim Matthews, board member responsible for book shipment, reports: “The books have started their journey to Uganda at about noon today.” That means they are just a day behind Executive Director Trudy Marshall, who flew to Uganda yesterday. Her trip will be more than 24 hours. The books will go by sea and take about 2 months. We’ll keep you posted

One of Libraries of Love’s 49 beautiful school libraries! We believe the African child deserves libraries equal to American young people. There are 43 school libraries in Uganda and 6 in Kenya. In addition, we have 3 prison libraries in Uganda.

Students crowd the library and hold their books high to show what they are reading.

Many thanks to supporters Lynne and Anne Dobson for their firm faith in our mission and for funding this wonderful video showing Libraries of Love’s work in Uganda. The video was produced by Micah DeKorne, Co-Founder + Creative Director | DESIGNED4.

September 23, 2022 – This new Dell group from Telecom Finance did a great job processing books for us, completing 15 boxes. Thank you once again to Dell and to Faith for organizing the event. Pictured, left to right, are Kristy Bias, Chi Ngo, Payne Ou, Faith Dreibrodt, and Landon Vanadore. Read more.

Our Libraries

Libraries of Love was started in 2005. We now have 39 school libraries in Uganda, 6 in Kenya and 3 prison libraries. We provide each school with books equal to three times its number of students. We also provide book shelving, painting and new ceilings if needed, plus sheer curtains to keep the dirt our, but let light in. Librarian training is constant.

Sponsored Students

Libraries of Love also has a sponsored student program. Twelve sponsored students are now university graduates. These students are employed as nurses, bankers, an attorney, procurement arranging safaris, as well as local travel, hotel management, chefs, and civil engineering. Currently, 56 students have sponsors. Ten of these are in college.

Humanitarian Aid

A special part of Libraries of Love is the humanitarian work. Often medical needs are met, uniforms and shoes are provided at schools for those who are the neediest, and food is provided for families that are without. Each time a need is identified, supporters come to our aid and provide funds. We are grateful.

Our History

We just completed our 18th year of providing libraries to schools in Uganda and Kenya, but it all started with a simple request by our world-traveling executive director to her former pastor. The result led to books that would build bridges for African students, sponsorships that would see some all the way through college, and humanitarian assistance that changed the lives of many.