2022 Sponsored Students

Love what Musa, on the right, wrote to his sponsor: “I had no hope of going to the university. My parents were unable to pay the money, and they had given up on me. I was only left with the hope for dropping out of school and finding a minor job to do for my daily food. But now I’m at the university and happy! My life has changed from hopeless to having hope and nothing to something. The first time I stepped to school, it was a dream to me. Thank you sponsor for everything. Words cannot express it, but you have planted a seed in me. “
God bless our sponsors!

Libraries of Love now has ten sponsored students who have graduated from college. Ten more are now pursuing their degrees at various universities! Plus, there are 48 more sponsored still in primary or secondary.
Six of the young men pictured are now at various universities, as well as several girls, also.
Very thankful for our sponsors– truly changing lives!

Our wonderful Kampala sponsored young people! Most have been sponsored since early elementary school. They now range from 7th grade to college.

March 27: Several of my ‘crazy’ God Squad ll guys met at my house today. The four on the back row are now in college studying the following: Sylvester – Crop Engineer; Aaron – Nursing; Yusef – Accounting; Godfrey – Nursing. The two in front, Dan and Selah are in high school.
They are SO very thankful for their sponsors. We had endless laughs, chicken and chips, then Sylvester preached a sermon. As we prayed holding hands, I cried. I am so thankful for these guys and their sponsors. Our other guys are away at universities at present.

April 23: I met today in Mbale with twenty–nine of our sixty–two sponsored students. Most of these have been sponsored since early primary, with several now in high school or college. Thanks to their sponsors, someday they will all be university graduates! Missing was Juma who is at the university studying pharmacy.

Our sponsored kids in Ewauso town. Other sponsored live out of Ewauso…
I’ve known most since they were very young.

March 6: Great time yesterday visiting 9 sponsored Maasai kids’ homes. The longest distance to a home was about 1 hour 15 minutes. All homes were over long paths/trails through the bush. At times, the paths were so bad the cycle couldn’t pass safely. We had to get off and walk. I was thankful that Maria, who helps with our sponsored program, was able to go and help with directions.

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