2022 – Restocking libraries in Kenya and Uganda

We don’t just put books in a room. We keep the shelves fresh with new books as older ones get worn from constant use. This year, we restocked 18 libraries and created two new ones. Executive Director Trudy Marshall spends 6 months in Africa each year looking after our libraries, sponsored students and humanitarian efforts. When she is back in Texas doing the work to collect books and financing, a dedicated group looks after Libraries of Love’s work.

Trudy Marshall: So very thankful for Annet and Herbert who continue the daily work of our sponsored kids, libraries, and humanitarian work in Uganda while I’m away. Also, very thankful for Julian, (not pictured) who oversees Mbale libraries. Pictured next to Herbert is his wife, Doris. Tony, on the left, runs errands, takes sick people to the hospital for me, and checks on my house. A wonderful group!

Here is this year’s story told in photos from from Trudy. Hope you enjoy it and keep up to date on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LibrariesOfLove.

January 28: Welcome to my small hometown, Ewauso, Kenya.

January 24: Cheers for our Kenyan librarian, Victoria, who meets with all students in Ewauso Girls Secondary each week! The library looks beautiful.

January 31: Cooking lunch at Ewauso Primary – beans and maize (corn). The maize will be made into food like our thick cream of wheat.

February 7: Today, I trained 7th and 8th graders in the organization of their library. The students love the books. I will need to send funds to install a ceiling and one wall. At present, one wall just has a partition. The noise from the class next door is too much. The principal, Mr. Nkipai, is excellent in encouraging the use of the library. Cheers for Ewauso Primary!

February 19: I had a wonderful day with our Kenyan librarians. We had lots of laughter, good food, and library instruction – of course!

February 19: So funny! I had a Kenyan librarians’ meeting today. After lunch, I told them in honor of my grands, we needed to see who could make the best face with food left on their plate. They voted the ‘dinosaur’ man as the winner:)

February 24: We gave this lady a lift today. She told my driver she thought we were age–mates. She is 80. I think I’d better go double check in the mirror and then put on a gallon of age defying face cream:). Ha! Sweet lady!

March 23: Many thanks to The Delta Kappa Gamma International Chapter, ETA Tau, for providing 44 of the African themed books from our Amazon list. The students truly love these books as they can identify with the villages, young people, food, etc. A special thank you to Mary Treacy Wallace who arranged this generous donation.

March 25: Our librarian at King’s College– Budo (a high school) arrived at work at 7:25am this morning. This student was sitting outside the door reading. She was waiting to go in and borrow more books!

April 5: Monday a container of books was shipped from Texas. The books are now headed to me in Uganda for our libraries. Thank you, Jim Matthews, for handling shipping!
**Already this amazing group is preparing books for 2023 African libraries. God bless you Paula, Jim, Betty, Ellen, and Anna.

April 11: Thirty-eight librarians from 12 cities and 2 countries. We had 1 1/2 days of library training, which included library instruction, but also fun games such as Dewey bingo. We also shared interesting books. Of course, there was lots of singing. Our Kenya Maasai team led in Maasai singing and dancing. It was a great time of learning and fun!

April 27: One of Libraries of Love’s fifty beautiful libraries!! We believe the African child deserves libraries equal to American young people.

May 16: Libraries of Love never leaves a library. Namirembe Primary was our first library provided in 2005. It recently was repainted and received a new ceiling, plus new carpet will arrive this week. In two months, it will be restocked with approximately 600 new books.

May 23: One of our most beautiful libraries– Kings College Budo. It was built in 1912 to serve as a chapel.

May 24: Wonderful meeting today with 26 of our headteachers / principals. We started with prayer and then the song, ‘We are together again…’ Several came in after the song. Ugandans do not grow up with school libraries, so it’s important to hold informational meetings.

May 31: Grace Primary. One row at a time selects their books. Next, each will fill out the card in his/her book with the date of return, name, and class.

June 2: Libraries of Love provides beautiful metal bookshelves for each of its libraries. Pictured are two, of many, being provided for new libraries.

June 4: It’s a wrap! I’ve had two meetings attended by a our sponsored students, held in Kampala and Mbale, Uganda. In Kenya, I traveled to each remote home. A large librarian meeting was held which included our librarians from Kenya, as well as seven cities in Uganda. Also, twenty–six headteachers / principals attended our meeting three weeks ago in Kampala. This week, the last meeting, was for our Mbale headteachers.

June 14: Pictured are 107 kids, all from one class, having library time at one of our elementary schools. The kids have hardly any room to move and select books. I have suggested the librarian divide the time in half, seeing girls the first half, and boys the second. We have some schools with even larger class population – up to 180.

June 18: A small part of the 400+ boxes of books that arrived from Texas today! We are very thankful for the HM (principal) of Kitante Primary and staff members who had the boxes unloaded and stacked in order by school. Many thanks to those who donated books and funding. We appreciate each of you! It is a happening! Eighteen years of providing libraries in Uganda and Kenya!

June 21: Students love their library!

June 27: We restocked three libraries today with hundreds of books each. I enjoyed reading book reports at MotherCare Primary that were displayed in two places in the library.

Book reports at MotherCare Primary are displayed on the wall in the library.

June 28: Library #12 restocked! Bombo Military Secondary received 574 new books today. I’m thankful that at each high school we’ve had students that have volunteered to help organize the books.

June 28: The ‘Lunch Bunch.’ These students all came to read books during their lunch break at Kitante Primary.

They left their shoes at the door …

July 6: Mengo SS was busy with students today! 8th and 9th grade classes come as a group. The remainder of students come in their free time. This beautiful library is well used!

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