2020 – 13 Uganda libraries restocked & 3 created

March 2 – This truck arrived in Round Rock, Texas, to pick up our books being sent to Uganda this year. Libraries of Love will provide three new libraries and restock 13. The truck will now go to Houston to load the container on a ship! Thank you Jim Matthews for arranging the shipping! From 2005 to 2020, 224,104 hardback new or like new books have been shipped for our 48 school libraries – all with Dewey spine labels and pockets and cards for borrowing. Incredible!

March 7 – These 36 librarians gathered in Mbale town from eight cities in Uganda. Eight also arrived from Kenya. This Libraries of Love “family” had two great days of learning how to encourage student reading, creative ways to teach students the organization of the library, and the importance of giving positive reinforcement by showing God’s love to their students. Throw in some amazing singing and the meeting was highly successful.

Container ship
Libraries of Love has a container on its way across the ocean on a ship like this one. The container, which is carrying thousands of books, presents many challenges because of the lockdown. It is scheduled to arrive at the port in Kenya on the 20th, and then journey on to Uganda. Approximately, 22,450 students will receive hundreds of new books in their libraries, with 2,000 students receiving a library for the first time. Thankfully, we have worked with a trusted customs agent for many years, so I am in touch with him. Praying all goes well.


April 20 – Our container has arrived in Mombasa, Kenya. It will be offloaded, loaded on to a semi-truck, then travel to the border of Kenya and Uganda for customs clearance. They are now checking truck drivers for COVID-19 at the border, so that may take time. When we clear, it is designated to unload at a school. I am six hours away from the school and there is no travel allowed in Uganda by car or bus. Thankful I have been here many years and have good contacts. It will happen!

Unloading books
May 5 – Our shipment arrived safely – all 320 boxes! It took the coordination of several wonderful people, as we are still on lockdown with no cars or other public transport allowed to move. Those who unloaded had to walk to the school. Our LOL coordinator rented a bike and rode endless miles to arrive. Special thanks to Herbert Segujja, our coordinator and John Kisitu, our amazing customs agent.

Books stacked in library

Thanks to the incredible volunteers in Texas who prepared thousands of books.
Next, the boxes were filled with each receiving school’s name placed on the outside of the box, along with the type of books in the box – Easy (E), Fiction (F) or Non-fiction (NF). The boxes in Kampala have now been distributed. Monday morning we will pack a truck and deliver boxes to libraries in Mukono, Jinja, and Mbale.
A HUGE thanks to all the publishing companies, groups, and individuals who donated books!
LOL-May 14 2020Libraries of Love is set up legally to provide libraries – which is our focus, but also to provide humanitarian assistance if needed. As I leave my village each day for a three mile walk, I tuck some funding from donors, as well as some of my own funds, in my jeans. As I see women, such as these, hoeing gardens in the hot sun, I slip them some money for food. After I had given these ladies food money, I turned back to look. They were jumping up and down hugging each other.
May God bless our donors. Your help has made a difference!


LOL-June 1 2020All 320 boxes containing approximately 13,000 books have now been distributed to 18 schools. Each book is a new or like new hardback book, complete with a Dewey spine label for organization, and a pocket and card for borrowing. We are so grateful for those who donate these incredible books.
It’s time to start to putting beautiful, organized libraries together!

LOL-June 3 2020
Kasubi Primary has been restocked with 533 new books. All the books on the shelves had to come off and be organized with the new books. I’m thankful for this wonderful group that spent the day working to bless the children of Kasubi.

LOL-June 5 2020
We took more than 5,000 books off the shelves and then mixed in hundreds of new books to create a beautiful, organized library for Buganda Road Primary. So much work, but what a blessing for the students! The Ugandan government doesn’t provide such libraries, so we are thankful for all those who help make this happen.

LOL-June 9 2020
June  9th  is Hero’s Day in Uganda. I would like to give a shout to all of those who have stepped in to take the place of our team that couldn’t come this year. As I have organized libraries, we have been joined by assistant principals, teachers (two on top left), our librarians, the Ononge family, and Herbert Segujja, who works with Libraries of Love. Making a difference – my heroes!

LOL-June 15 2020

LOL-June 15 2020-2
Library No. 6 for 202, Wambwa Primary, was restocked with 1,107 books. We provided this library in 2009. Great job Monica (librarian), Sam and Juma (college students who I refer to as double trouble) and Tony my boda driver!

LOL-June 18 2020Libraries of Love only puts hardback books in our libraries. This year, we did send some paperback and board books to give away. I (Trudy) had to smile as I was walking to town and spotted this little one with her book!

This is just one side of the room in the new library provided by Libraries of Love at Musoto Christian Primary, located in the village where our executive director lives while in Uganda. A total of 3,062 books were organized and are ready for use when schools reopen.

We added 1,081 new books the Light Academy Primary library. Great displays in this library. The librarian had students fill in the ‘person’ outline, to share about themselves. She also read the students non-fiction books in the library. From those books, students filled in venn diagrams comparing fruits and vegetables, and also the sun and moon. Librarian / teacher – perfect! 

LOL-June 29 2020It’s a wrap!

This amazing group – with the assistance of missionary Liz Ingram – worked for endless hours sorting approximately 9,000 books and placing them on shelves by subject matter for non-fiction and author for fiction. So, it’s June 29, and it’s a wrap for the 2020 libraries. Only librarian training remains.

2019 – 3 new libraries and 10 to restock

Books have arrived in Uganda
Year 15! We are so excited the shipment has arrived and so thankful for all the supporters who donated books and funding, and special thanks to volunteers who gave their time to make this happen again this year. The shipment of 13,000+ new or like-new hardback books made the two-month trip from Texas and will make their way into 13 schools – 3 new libraries and 10 to be restocked. God bless you one and all. Special thanks to board member Jim Matthews for overseeing the shipping.


Books arrive in Uganda, get unloaded and distributed to schools.

Zion Primary - 2019 restock
Our first restock of 2019 is at Zion Primary. An army general drove me the three hours to the school. It was a long but good day. The library looks great. The teachers were there, but the kids were on break, so the teachers helped organize the books.

Sponsored in Kampala - 2019
45 Libraries. 65 sponsored students attending school. 6 college graduates. I love the scope of Libraries of Love which covers education and humanitarian needs. Pictured are some of our sponsored students in Kampala.

Librarians - 2019
Two awesome days with 30 amazing librarians from 7 cities! The first day was fellowship. Today we had library training all day. One learning game was Dewey Bingo. It was the first time they had played bingo! They loved it. So, of course, I had to launch into…’There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name-o,’ (though it had nothing to do with playing bingo:). There was lots of laughs as we sang.

African Childrens - 2019.jpg
Today we enjoyed adding several hundred books to our library in the African Children’s Choir school. They were especially happy to receive the African themed books from our list on Amazon. These kids are avid readers! Pictured are: Joseph who works with Libraries of Love, Hope- the librarian at ACC, and Joseph the headteacher (principal).

Bat Valley -2019
Today we restocked Bat Valley Primary, which was provided in 2007. Libraries of Love never leaves a library. Libraries are restocked as needed, and librarian training is continuous. The library looked fresh.

2019 team with sponsoredAmazing first night for the team. We had a great time with Juma and Santos – two of our sponsored, plus Pastor Cephas, Claire, and their children – Vessel, Temple, Zipporah, and the twins. Juma and Santos shared their stories of how sponsorship changed their lives, and the Pastor and Claire shared the miracle of the twins birth. Also, we had a good time singing. 

Kings College - 2019This team is incredible. They restocked Kings College-Budo in record time — with help from their friends. Impressive!

Kings College Library - 2019.jpg
Our library we restocked today at Kings College is housed in a beautiful church built in the twenties. It looks like churches in Europe. We provided this library in 2010.

2019 restocking1

Intense work with a beautiful outcome! Go team go! Three new libraries provided, four previous libraries restocked! (June 13)

2109 restocking


Amazing reading competition between Libraries of Love secondary schools today. Meet Harriet Tubman, Cleopatra, and Barack Obama. This category was to read a book about someone you considered a hero, dress up as that person, and give a book summary.


The team enjoyed sports day at Namirembe Primary School. They were very popular with the kids. 🙂

One more beautiful library completed!

Flooring on boda -2019Need more vinyl flooring? Then go get some on a boda, what they call their motorcycle taxis here.

A Boda driver I used today badly needed some new shoes. I am forever grateful to those who donate to make these good deeds possible. Libraries of Love: more than just books … spreading sunshine.

Mbale Sponsored - 2019The 2019 team had a great time playing games, reading stories, and singing with many of our sponsored in Mbale.

Librarian reads -2019One of our librarians reading to her class! Sweet!

Team Goodbye - 2019Time to say goodbye to this wonderful team. They have accomplished so much and were a blessing to many. We are going for an evening of worship at the Africans Children’s Choir and then off to the airport!

Thanks to Barnes & Noble

We thank the management at the Barnes & Noble store in Round Rock for choosing Libraries of Love as their seasonal charity this year. Also, thanks to all the volunteers who came on weekends to represent us and to all of you who donated books. We collected 883 books. There will be some smiles in Uganda!

12 Uganda Libraries Restocked – Summer 2018

2018-books-arrivePictured are some of the hundreds of boxes of books that arrived in May in the 2018 shipment of 13,000 books to restock 12 libraries in Uganda and organize 1 new library.

Boxes were ready for schools to collect! Before leaving Texas, a school name is placed on each box, and it is marked as Easy, Fiction, or Non-Fiction. Each book shipped has a Dewey spine label, plus pocket and card for borrowing. Cheers for faithful volunteers in Texas and our many supporters.

Happy Students ReadThese kids were happy to receive 500 new books for their library. It’s part of the continuing commitment Libraries of Love has with all of the schools that receive libraries.

Buganda Road PrimaryLoved finding these kids with their class borrowing books at Buganda Road Primary. Another class was waiting to come in.

Bat Valley PrimaryLibrary time at Bat Valley Primary. I enjoyed time with second and seventh grade classes.

SkypingWe had a great time Skyping between Namirembe Primary in Uganda and Forest Creek Elementary in Texas. The kids loved it. Each group had prepared questions to ask. Smile and more smiles!

Librarians Meet(June 2, 2018) – Much singing, dancing, laughter, new friendships and learning took place the last two days as our 40 Libraries of Love librarians met in Mbale. A special treat was having our Kenyan librarians join with our Ugandan librarians. We are a family. Great meeting!

Cathy Kreutter(June 10, 2018) – Great time today at the launching of Cathy Kreutter’s two new books, ‘Amina’s Choice’ and ‘The Rock and Roll Rolex.’ (A rolex is like our breakfast taco. ) Two of Cathy’s books, ‘Nitendo’s Wish’ and ‘I Know a Mzee (old man) Who Swallowed a Fly’ are on our Libraries of Love Amazon Wish List. Cathy has lived in Uganda 30 years. Her books have many words in the children’s native language, as well as pictures with Ugandan settings. Great books!

Namatala RestockGreat team work resulting in a beautiful library. Namatala Laurel Library was our second library, established in 2006. Libraries of Love restocks each library at least every three years.

Principals Meet(July 7, 2018) – We had an awesome Libraries of Love HM / principals’ meeting. Principals learned how to use the libraries to their fullest potential. Two groups that won our high school reading competition presented. One presented Romeo and Juliet. The other group shared a travel brochure they created about Kenya. Two were dressed as Maasai. Some of our librarians presented good / bad librarians skit. Great day. Very worthwhile!


Oklahoma Scout collects 550 books for Eagle project

Rigel shows some of the books his team collected before sorting and boxing them.

Rigel Wafford, 15, of Boy Scout Troop 89 in Edmond, Oklahoma, completed his Eagle Scout Service Project by organizing the collection of 550 books for Libraries of Love. The books included elementary, middle school, and high school reading levels. Rigel led a team of 10 Scouts who provided 300 plastic bags to neighborhood families so they could donate books easily. The Scouts then collected the donated books. They also visited garage sales to find books.

They met at a neighborhood park to sort and box the books for delivery to Libraries of Love. Rigel learned about Libraries of Love from a family friend who is a volunteer board member. He decided collecting books to donate would be an excellent service project. He submitted his proposal for the service project, and it was approved by his local BSA council.

Successful completion of the service project will be used in the final review of Rigel’s qualifications for the Eagle Scout rank.

According to the Eagle Service Project Workbook:

“… One of the rank requirements is to plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, school, or community. Through this requirement, Scouts practice what they have learned and gain valuable project management and leadership experience.”

Asked what he learned during the project, Rigel answered, “Leadership is all about cooperation and communication – and not horsing around a lot.”

Thanks, Rigel, for your leadership and community service.




DELL VOLUNTEERS – 2018 & 2019

On Jan. 10, 2020, this group of Dell volunteers finished the last 14 boxes for the 2020 shipment. Thanks to all the Dell groups who have so faithfully helped us this year and each year. Their work is invaluable to us. Pictured, left to right, are Alex, Julia, Pei-Ling, Missy, Sasi, Chris, Sherry, and Naveen.

dell_2019_12_13On Dec. 13, we hosted our final group of Dell volunteers for 2019. Thanks to the volunteers from SDS Finance who completed 15 boxes of books. We really appreciate their help at this busy time of year. Pictured, left to right, are Blake, Nadia, Jo, Dillon, and Uri.

On Nov. 15, we welcomed a new group from Dell P &O Talent Program Mgmt. They completed 13 boxes for us. We are happy to have them join our growing list of Dell volunteers. Pictured left to right are Camila Beltran, Leah Spence, Andress Stanley, Michelle Gonzalez, Pam Osborne, and Lauren Turner

On Nov. 1, these 6 Dell volunteers finished 17 boxes for the 2020 shipment. This is a faithful group of volunteers who work in different business units at Dell. They are so dedicated to Libraries of Love, and we can aways depend on them. Left to right are Cindy, Byron, Shyrla, Amanda, Thang, and Wendy.

A big thanks to Dell RR CCO team for their work on October 18th. They completed 14 boxes. Volunteers, from left, are Rocco Pape, Kristen O’Neal, Ruth Veliz, and Lana Acola. We appreciate their continued support!

dell_2019_10_04On October 4, Team Diaz from Dell returned for another very productive afternoon completing 17 boxes for us. We are grateful for their enthusiastic help! Pictured left to right are Scott, Tony, Julie, Monica, Caitlin, Lisa, Christina, Janna, Darald, and Earl.

dell_2019_09_27On September 27, Dell volunteers from ESI Services completed 13 boxes for our 2020 shipment. We appreciate the group for their hard work. Pictured are, from left, Cyun Gan, Sarah Olow, Stephen Cockrell, Edna Moscheo, Sandra Robinson, and Benoy James.

On August 23, three volunteers from Dell Services End User Computing came to help us prepare books for the 2020 shipment. Thanks to Cathy Bradley, Laura McGovern, and Betty Harris for their wonderful help.

On July 12, this group of volunteers prepared spine labels for books. We appreciate their help. The group was led by Chad Rode. Pictured, left to right, are Shawn Salisbury, Emma Anderson, Yin He, Cale Hawkins, Rhonda Fariss and Chad Rode.

On June 14, this hardworking DFS group from Dell completed 18 boxes. Left to right are Nadia, Kaitlin,Scott, Vickie and Alyssa. We appreciate our Dell volunteers so much. Thank you!

On June 7, The Dell/ EMC AGPP group once again volunteered, completing all 20 boxes we had ready. Thanks to Sean, Jamie, Kelly, Thang, Valerie, Shyrla, Amanda, Cindy, Wendy, and Patricia for being such dependable volunteers. We couldn’t do it without you.

On May 17, these 9 volunteers from Dell Technologies Services Finance, led by Jo Scribner, completed 19 boxes. Thanks to this great group for their hard work. Pictured from left to right are Reda Herbzi, Charles Yeager, Jim Pizzitola, Anthony Barrett, Uri Neiman, Jo Scribner, Campbell Ross, Joey Lazarus, and Aditya Bhattacharya.

On May 3, these  4 volunteers from Dell’s GOFX group completed 12 more boxes for our 2020 shipment. We appreciate your hard work. Pictured are Vijay Raj Yarijarla, Naz Shai, Shawna Blake, and Dave Considine.

On April 26, this Dell GSP group completed 20 boxes, putting us well on our way for the 2020 shipment. Pictured are front: Lance Saunders; middle: BinBin Meng, Julia Hamilton, Bridget Montemayor, Kris D’Amico, Maribel Cisneros, and Michelle Johnson; back: Tom Maher and Travis Flunder. Many thanks to this group of Dell volunteers.

On March 29, Dell’s Team Diaz volunteered. They processed 21 boxes to get us started for the 2020 shipment. Pictured are Monica, Scott, George, Chelsea, Christina, Yvonne, Lisa, Julie, Gracie, Danny, and Janna. We are so appreciative of their hard work and enthusiasm.

On January 25, our faithful volunteers from Dell GPP completed 19 boxes, helping us get very close to finishing the shipment for 2019. Pictured, standing in front of all those completed boxes, are Shyrla, Isela, Wendy, Natasha, Jamie and Patricia. We appreciate their dedication so much.

On January 11, these Dell volunteers completed 13 boxes. Thanks to Edna Moscheo for organizing this great group of volunteers. Pictured left to right are Cyun Gan, Edna Moscheo, Sarah Olow, Sandra Robinson and Cliff Jamison.

Pictured are CCO group volunteers Rocco, Kristen, Lana and Luisa.

Pictured are GPP group volunteers Shyrla, Thang, Diana and Amanda.

On December 14, two groups of Dell volunteers worked together to complete 23 boxes, a tremendous help which we appreciate. Thanks to Dell CCO and GPP groups for their hard work.

On December 7, six workers from Dell’s IT Global Ops completed 14 boxes. Organized by Vijay Raj, he brought 5 new volunteers. We appreciated their help so much! Left to right are Arman, Manish, Vijay Raj, Dave, Naz, and Shawna.

On November 9, a group of 12 volunteers from Dell Configurations Services prepared books for borrowing. They completed 20 boxes for us. We were so grateful to see that big stack of finished boxes! Volunteers were Richard Cooper, Robert Sosa, Raymond Daron, Randy Maynard, Jovan Nikolesko, Sabra Louton, Joel Tacorda, Christina Rattanavong, Amie Rodriquez, Brittany Kennedy, Tara Detweiler, and Harmonic Sullivan (not pictured).

On October 26, a dedicated group of volunteers from Dell’s Americas GPP team prepared books for checking out. The 12 volunteers from left to right are Diana, Grant, Pooja, Tahmira, Wendy, Thang, Sean, Shyrla, Amanda,  and Patricia. Not pictured were Kay and Maggie.  They completed  20 boxes for us!

On October 12, this Dell group organized by Christopher Dykes prepared 9 boxes of books. We were happy to welcome the 3 new volunteers he brought with him. Pictured left to right are Roberto Saeki, Christopher Dykes, Pei-Ling Hua, and Michael Nguyen. Thanks for your support.

dell_2018_09_28On September 28, we welcomed a new group of Dell volunteers from Networking SPMs/Commodities. They completed 14 boxes. We appreciate their service and hope they will return again. Pictured are Tim, Christina, Gerardo, Rindy, Tyson, James, and Brian.

On September 14, the Global Production Planning (GPP) group of 6 completed 14 boxes. From left to right are Arun, Janeth, Amanda, Shyrla, Jamie and Alex. Thanks for your support. We appreciate your volunteerism.

03EBAE73-5B51-4AA6-B69F-CAA09451711AMay 18, we had a great group of 12 Dell volunteers from Global Production Planning complete all 23 boxes that we had ready to process. We were delighted to welcome some new volunteers as well as many faithful workers, all led by Shyrla Zapata.

April 27, a group of 9 wonderful volunteers from Dell GCSO led by Bridget Montemayor completed the first 19 boxes for our 2019 shipment. Thanks for all your hard work!

On February 2, Dell volunteers from America’s GPP group led by Shyrla Zapata completed the final 27 boxes for our 2018 shipment. They love to volunteer for us, and we are always so grateful for their help. Shipment to Uganda is tentatively scheduled for the week February 19.

dell_2018_01_19Thanks to the 4 volunteers from the Dell IMO group led by Jo Scribner who worked with us on January 19. We are grateful for their help in completing 15 boxes. As always, we are so appreciative of our faithful Dell volunteers.