Maasai land, Ngong Hills, Kenya – Summer 2017

In 2017, seven libraries were supplied for schools in Maasai land, Ngong Hills, Kenya. Each school is remote, at least 1 1/2 hours from a main road. The schools are not located in towns. They are located in what is referred to in Africa as the “bush.” Through the books, the world will open to these students. In the non-fiction they will see people from around the world of different cultures. Many of the non-fiction books correlates with the students’ curriculum, but with beautiful pictures and interesting text.



The primary schools received easy picture books, novels, and non-fiction books. Secondary schools received novels, non-fiction, and reference books. The number of books needed was formulated by tripling the student population at each school. We provided 4 primary libraries and 3 secondary. The schools receiving books:

  • Najile Boys Secondary
    • 400 students – 1,207 books
  • Ewauso Girls Secondary
    • 300 students – 897 books
  • Olasiti Secondary
    • 420 students – 1,155 books
  • Ewuaso Primary
    • 1008 students – 2,702 books
  • Najile Primary
    • 400 students – 1,797 books
  • Seneto Primary
    • 810 students – 2,397 books
  • Kipeto Primary
    • 400 students – 1,711 books

Executive Director Trudy Marshall met with all the librarians and principals for training while she was in Kenya. Education officials came to meet with Trudy to offer their thanks for the work of Libraries of Love. In 2018, Libraries of Love is hoping to bring the Kenyan librarians to the two-day training session that is held annually for Ugandan librarians.


Class in the library showing off their new books.

Thanks to a special Amazon purchase program created for Libraries of Love by volunteers Jim and Ellen Matthews, each school received 52 African themed books.

There aren’t words to describe the expressions on students’ faces when they first see their library and are given books to read. They totally forget we are there. Love watching their excitement.

Amazing day with the team in the Masa Mara in Kenya. We arrived just in time to see part of the great migration of wildebeest swimming the Mara River from Tanzania into Kenya looking for grass.



Walk to Read Fundraisers

2019 LME Walk to Read

Laurel Mountain Elementary, holds ‘Walk to Read’ each year, representing kids who walk to school, then are given time to read our books. The students spend two weeks learning about Uganda and Kenya. Then they bring books to donate to Libraries of Love. This school community has been a huge blessing as they have supported our libraries for all 14 years. Our Director, Trudy Marshall, was librarian at LME for 10 years. We appreciate Jan Richards, principal, for her trust in our work. This year they donated 1,700 books, plus funding. Amazing!

Here are some photos of this year’s preparation, walk and book donations.

2019_LME_Walk (5)



2018 LME Walk to Read

2017 LME Walk to Read

Libraries of Love is very thankful for Laurel Mountain Elementary in Round Rock for their continued support. LME partnered with Libraries of Love to provide our first library, and their support has continued. In 2018, they collected 853 books, plus funding.

The students annually take part in a program called, “Walk to Read.” Students bring books to donate to the libraries in Uganda / Kenya. As a school, the students and staff walk around the track and then sit down and read together, before donating. The Libraries of Love team is grateful for the donation of books and funding that has happened each year since our beginning. We appreciate, Mike Burkett, a travel volunteer last year, for sharing with the students.

Forest Creek walk to read for Libraries of Love

Many thanks to Forest Creek Elementary for a donation of 1,266 books and funding. Led by the 4th grade, students at Forest Creek have been learning about children’s lives in Uganda and Kenya. The students made wonderful video clips to show on the morning broadcast. On January 20, they all brought books to donate, walked around the track signifying the long walks to school in Africa, then sat and read together. Thanks to teacher Pam Bartholomew for organizing.



Grisham_booksGrisham students donate books

Thank you, Grisham Middle School International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme students for displaying the IB Learner Profile Trait of CARING! Your book drive resulted in more than 600 books donated to Libraries of Love.

Read more about the donation on the school website.

Dell Volunteers – 2017

Many thanks to Dell CS team for their hard work on November 17. They completed the 18 boxes we had for them. Pictured are, front row: Kristi Cooper, Betty Harris, Harmonie Sullivan, and Sabra Luton. Back row are Bill Kelly, Raymond Duran, Randy Maynard, and Richard Cooper.

Thanks to the six volunteers from Dell IMO who prepared 20 boxes of books on November 3. Pictured, left to right, are Jo Scribner, Chris Kleiman, Victoria Reichman, Kristen Dolbeare, Mike Palmer, and Scott Hayter.

Thanks to the volunteers from Dell GDO Marketing who completed 11 boxes on October 20. Many thanks to Carl, Rebecca, Sofia, Felicia, Andre, and Scott for all their help.

dell_2017_10_06Thanks to Dell volunteers from the Americas GPP group who prepared books on October 6. Led Shyrla Zapata, thet returned for another very productive afternoon,  completing all 21 boxes we had ready for processing. We are so thankful for the continued support from this group.

Thanks to Dell volunteers who prepared books on September 22. They are, from left to right, Kristen O’Neal, Lana Acola, and Rocco Pape.

We had another hard working group of volunteers from Dell this afternoon (September 8). Led by Shyrla Zapata, they completed 27 boxes. Pictured left to right are Wendy, Natasha, Patricia, Kathy, Amanda, Natalie, Zack , Shyrla (seated) and Analicia (not pictured). Thanks to all for a very productive afternoon!

Thanks to the volunteers from Dell Global Eval who prepared books on June 16. They were a hard working group who finished all 23 boxes that we had. Our thanks to Harleen, Meenu, Rhett, Ginger, Diana C, Katie, Stephanie, Brynna, Rohit, Hannah, Carmen, Tripti, and Diana G.

A large group of 12 Dell volunteers prepared books on April 21. They completed 19 boxes, all that we had ready to process. Many thanks to Rebecca Sanchez for organizing the group from Cloud Client Services + Solutions with Steve Lalla SVP+GM

On Friday, April 7, we had our first Dell group processing books for the 2018 shipment.  The volunteers were from Dell’s EUC Configuration  Services, and they completed 14 boxes. Pictured, left to right, are Anna Swanson, Raymond Duran, Olanda Sharp-Buckley, Bill Kelly, Amy Jackson, and Randy Maynard.

Dell Volunteers - Global Evaluation Programs Team
The Global Evaluation Programs Team volunteered on February 16. They finished all 15 boxes that we had which satisfied our goal for 2017! Shipping will occur in March. Pictured left to right are Ginger Garner, Stephanie Regas, Brynna Vogel, Diana Garcia, Katie Bennett, Jackie Vallejo, Rhett O’Hara, and Diana Clukey.

dell_2017_01_27.jpgAmerica’s GPP group from Dell (10 volunteers) finished 15 boxes on January 27, getting us so close to this year’s goal for 7 libraries in Kenya. Many thanks to this group led by Shyrla Zapata. They are faithful Libraries of Love volunteers.

Global Dell Outlet volunteers at Libraries of LoveA group led by Felicia White from Global Dell Outlet processed 15 boxes on January 20. We are getting close to making our goal for 2017’s libraries in Kenya.

Thanks to Olivia’s World Literacy


Books here. Books there. Books everywhere! Cheers! Thanks to Teresa and Joni who brought books all the way from Andrews, Texas. Theresa has a nonprofit, Olivia’s World Literacy, that donates books to groups in honor of her granddaughter, Olivia, who died.

What a great way to pay tribute! Many thanks Teresa and Joni.

Mbale/Kampala, Uganda – Summer 2016


What a great team!  It is hard to imagine the work involved. This team definitely did their part – working quickly and tirelessly. They laughed and joked even when conditions were hot and dirty at times . They are pictured with our favorite safari driver, Naser.

Libraries Updated: 13
One new library created

Thirteen existing Libraries of Love libraries were restocked this summer with thousands of books, and one new high school library was created. Many thanks to the incredible 2016 team for their hard work and for taking time to share their love with the students. The “mzungu” parade through the villages to visit sponsored students’ homes will never be forgotten. The huge smiles said it all.

Continue reading Mbale/Kampala, Uganda – Summer 2016

Dell Volunteers – 2016


The last Dell volunteer group of the year came to prepare books on December 9. Lydia, Jason, Kristen, Mohit, Nadia, and David completed 18 boxes. Many thanks to this group of hardworking Dell volunteers.



Dell volunteers from Sales Stregy and Planning volunteered on November 11, 2016. Pictured from left are Felicia Zhang, Anna Montillet, Jonathan Mason, and Kristen Jernigan.



Dell volunteers prepare books for check out on November 11, 2016.


Dell services volunteers Liz Otero, Joe Roth, and Greg Sinney volunteered on November 4, 2016.


A wonderful group from Global Production Planning volunteered on October 28, 2016.  They completed 18 boxes for us. They are from left to right Kristina, Shyrla, Andrea, Maggie  Garrett, Diana, and Kathy.


Our volunteers on September 30, 2016, were once again from DELL-Amer.GPP. This group has been such a dependable group of volunteers, and we are so grateful for their faithful service to Libraries of Love. Left to right in the photo are Andrea, Maggie,  Martin,  Jamie,  Amanda,  Thang, Wendy, Patricia,  and Kathy. They completed 19 boxes!


Led by Felicia White, this wonderful group of Dell volunteers completed 14 boxes on September 2, 2016.


This group from Dell Enterprise Tools volunteered on July 8, 2016. They completed 22 boxes, which was really awesome. Pictured are, front row, Niki Zezulka, Tim Pael, Seetha Mahadevan, Georgia Thompson and, back row, Walter Sims, Steve Miller, Juan Lobo. Alexa Koenigseder, Clark Robinson, and Jan Bobak.


Donate Books with African Themes


Thanks to board member  Jim Matthews and his wife, Ellen, who volunteers weekly, for this wonderful idea. They’ve put together a list of books with African themes, and now they are available directly from Amazon. Just click here and make your selection. The books will be shipped to Libraries of Love where we’ll add spine labels and pockets and cards for checkout.

It has been our hope for some time to provide more books with African settings so that the children who read them in Uganda – and Kenya – can better identify with the stories. Now, you can be the one to provide the books.

Perhaps if your child has a birthday party, each student could donate a book, or give a book as a Christmas present. What a great way to teach philanthropy!

Thank you, as always, for your support.

Annual BBQ Dinner & Fundraiser


Full house! Wonderful evening. Thanks to those who cooked, brought desserts, helped at the event, and were able to attend. The Libraries of Love team appreciates you!

This is your chance to show your support, hear inspiring updates, and enjoy some great food provided by Pflugerville Community Church. A highlight this year is the premiere of the Libaries of Love video created by a professional videographer who spent time filming our work in Uganda this year. Many thanks to Lynne and Anne Dobson for their firm faith in our mission and for funding this project.

  • Saturday, October 1, 6-8 PM
  • Pflugerville Community Church, 1214 Pfennig Ln
  • $10 per plate ($5 for 6 and under)

Learn more here