Walk to Read Fundraisers

2017 LME Walk to Read

Libraries of Love is very thankful for Laurel Mountain Elementary, in Round Rock, and their continued support. Our Director, Trudy Marshall, was librarian at LME for 10 years. The students recently took part in a program called, “Walk to Read.’ Students bring books to donate to the libraries in Uganda / Kenya. As a school, the students and staff walk around the track and then sit down and read together, before donating. The Libraries of Love team is grateful for the donation of books and funding that has happened each year since our beginning. We appreciate, Mike Burkett, a travel volunteer last year, for sharing with the students.

Forest Creek walk to read for Libraries of Love

Many thanks to Forest Creek Elementary for a donation of 1,266 books and funding. Led by the 4th grade, students at Forest Creek have been learning about children’s lives in Uganda and Kenya. The students made wonderful video clips to show on the morning broadcast. On January 20, they all brought books to donate, walked around the track signifying the long walks to school in Africa, then sat and read together. Thanks to teacher Pam Bartholomew for organizing.



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