Thanks to Barnes & Noble

We thank the management at the Barnes & Noble store in Round Rock for choosing Libraries of Love as their seasonal charity this year. Also, thanks to all the volunteers who came on weekends to represent us and to all of you who donated books. We collected 883 books. There will be some smiles in Uganda!

Oklahoma Scout collects 550 books for Eagle project

Rigel shows some of the books his team collected before sorting and boxing them.

Rigel Wafford, 15, of Boy Scout Troop 89 in Edmond, Oklahoma, completed his Eagle Scout Service Project by organizing the collection of 550 books for Libraries of Love. The books included elementary, middle school, and high school reading levels. Rigel led a team of 10 Scouts who provided 300 plastic bags to neighborhood families so they could donate books easily. The Scouts then collected the donated books. They also visited garage sales to find books.

They met at a neighborhood park to sort and box the books for delivery to Libraries of Love. Rigel learned about Libraries of Love from a family friend who is a volunteer board member. He decided collecting books to donate would be an excellent service project. He submitted his proposal for the service project, and it was approved by his local BSA council.

Successful completion of the service project will be used in the final review of Rigel’s qualifications for the Eagle Scout rank.

According to the Eagle Service Project Workbook:

“… One of the rank requirements is to plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, school, or community. Through this requirement, Scouts practice what they have learned and gain valuable project management and leadership experience.”

Asked what he learned during the project, Rigel answered, “Leadership is all about cooperation and communication – and not horsing around a lot.”

Thanks, Rigel, for your leadership and community service.




Walk to Read Fundraisers

2019 LME Walk to Read

Laurel Mountain Elementary, holds ‘Walk to Read’ each year, representing kids who walk to school, then are given time to read our books. The students spend two weeks learning about Uganda and Kenya. Then they bring books to donate to Libraries of Love. This school community has been a huge blessing as they have supported our libraries for all 14 years. Our Director, Trudy Marshall, was librarian at LME for 10 years. We appreciate Jan Richards, principal, for her trust in our work. This year they donated 1,700 books, plus funding. Amazing!

Here are some photos of this year’s preparation, walk and book donations.

2019_LME_Walk (5)



2018 LME Walk to Read

2017 LME Walk to Read

Libraries of Love is very thankful for Laurel Mountain Elementary in Round Rock for their continued support. LME partnered with Libraries of Love to provide our first library, and their support has continued. In 2018, they collected 853 books, plus funding.

The students annually take part in a program called, “Walk to Read.” Students bring books to donate to the libraries in Uganda / Kenya. As a school, the students and staff walk around the track and then sit down and read together, before donating. The Libraries of Love team is grateful for the donation of books and funding that has happened each year since our beginning. We appreciate, Mike Burkett, a travel volunteer last year, for sharing with the students.

Forest Creek walk to read for Libraries of Love

Many thanks to Forest Creek Elementary for a donation of 1,266 books and funding. Led by the 4th grade, students at Forest Creek have been learning about children’s lives in Uganda and Kenya. The students made wonderful video clips to show on the morning broadcast. On January 20, they all brought books to donate, walked around the track signifying the long walks to school in Africa, then sat and read together. Thanks to teacher Pam Bartholomew for organizing.



Grisham_booksGrisham students donate books

Thank you, Grisham Middle School International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme students for displaying the IB Learner Profile Trait of CARING! Your book drive resulted in more than 600 books donated to Libraries of Love.

Read more about the donation on the school website.

Download our brochure


Click the image above to download our updated tri-fold brochure. In PDF format, it’s a great pass-around to use to share the Libraries of Love story, complete with details of our mission and contact information.

Thanks to Olivia’s World Literacy


Books here. Books there. Books everywhere! Cheers! Thanks to Teresa and Joni who brought books all the way from Andrews, Texas. Theresa has a nonprofit, Olivia’s World Literacy, that donates books to groups in honor of her granddaughter, Olivia, who died.

What a great way to pay tribute! Many thanks Teresa and Joni.

Donate Books with African Themes


Thanks to board member Jim Matthews and his wife, Ellen, who volunteers weekly, for this wonderful idea. They’ve put together a list of books with African themes, and now they are available directly from Amazon. Just click here and make your selection. The books will be shipped to Libraries of Love where we’ll add spine labels and pockets and cards for checkout.

It has been our hope for some time to provide more books with African settings so that the children who read them in Uganda – and Kenya – can better identify with the stories. Now, you can be the one to provide the books.

Perhaps if your child has a birthday party, each student could donate a book, or give a book as a Christmas present. What a great way to teach philanthropy!

Thank you, as always, for your support.

Two elementary students donate collected books

May 2014
Two students from Laurel Mountain Elementary School completed book drives. Thanks to each for their contributions. Each wrote emails to Executive Director Trudy Marshall. Following are the notes:

Mrs. Marshall,
My name is Matthew and I am in the 3rd grade. I did a book drive in my neighborhood because I wanted to have books to put in the libraries in Uganda.  I made homemade flyers from Microsoft.  I passed them out the week before the drive started.  I went with my older brother to each house and collected books.  When I went to the house, they gave me books and the people could also choose a book from the cart.  I wanted to encourage people to be readers.  I collected 5 boxes of books.



(Pictured is Matthew with his flyer and some of the books he collected.)

Mrs. Marshall,
Hi, my name is Mihit and I am in the 4th grade. I did a IIM research project on Uganda. In January, LME was participating in the Walk to Read to raise money for Libraries of Love.  I wanted to research about Uganda so I would know more about the country.   I learned that 1/3 of the population can speak English even though that is their official language.  They have had the same president for 30 years.  His name is Yoweri Museveni.  Uganda has a rich supply of minerals and crops.  It is located on the equator so the weather is usually warm and humid.
I am wondering how you got the idea to build libraries in Uganda.  There are many countries in the world that are poor, so how did you choose Uganda?   I hope to talk to you in the fall when you visit LME.  Have a great summer.