Donate Books with African Themes


Thanks to board member  Jim Matthews and his wife, Ellen, who volunteers weekly, for this wonderful idea. They’ve put together a list of books with African themes, and now they are available directly from Amazon. Just click here and make your selection. The books will be shipped to Libraries of Love where we’ll add spine labels and pockets and cards for checkout.

It has been our hope for some time to provide more books with African settings so that the children who read them in Uganda – and Kenya – can better identify with the stories. Now, you can be the one to provide the books.

Perhaps if your child has a birthday party, each student could donate a book, or give a book as a Christmas present. What a great way to teach philanthropy!

Thank you, as always, for your support.

2 thoughts on “Donate Books with African Themes

  1. Hi Jim and Ellen Matthews, This is a fantastic idea! Can you add my two new books to the Africa list?
    Amina’s Choice and The Rock and Roll Rolex – both are set in Uganda. (My other two books are on the list already.)
    You can also add this book: Give it up Gecko by Margaret Reed MacDonald

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