Oklahoma Scout collects 550 books for Eagle project

Rigel shows some of the books his team collected before sorting and boxing them.

Rigel Wafford, 15, of Boy Scout Troop 89 in Edmond, Oklahoma, completed his Eagle Scout Service Project by organizing the collection of 550 books for Libraries of Love. The books included elementary, middle school, and high school reading levels. Rigel led a team of 10 Scouts who provided 300 plastic bags to neighborhood families so they could donate books easily. The Scouts then collected the donated books. They also visited garage sales to find books.

They met at a neighborhood park to sort and box the books for delivery to Libraries of Love. Rigel learned about Libraries of Love from a family friend who is a volunteer board member. He decided collecting books to donate would be an excellent service project. He submitted his proposal for the service project, and it was approved by his local BSA council.

Successful completion of the service project will be used in the final review of Rigel’s qualifications for the Eagle Scout rank.

According to the Eagle Service Project Workbook:

“… One of the rank requirements is to plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, school, or community. Through this requirement, Scouts practice what they have learned and gain valuable project management and leadership experience.”

Asked what he learned during the project, Rigel answered, “Leadership is all about cooperation and communication – and not horsing around a lot.”

Thanks, Rigel, for your leadership and community service.




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