On October 12, this Dell group organized by Christopher Dykes prepared 9 boxes of books. We were happy to welcome the 3 new volunteers he brought with him. Pictured left to right are Roberto Saeki, Christopher Dykes, Pei-Ling Hua, and Michael Nguyen. Thanks for your support.

dell_2018_09_28On September 28, we welcomed a new group of Dell volunteers from Networking SPMs/Commodities. They completed 14 boxes. We appreciate their service and hope they will return again. Pictured are Tim, Christina, Gerardo, Rindy, Tyson, James, and Brian.

On September 14, the Global Production Planning (GPP) group of 6 completed 14 boxes. From left to right are Arun, Janeth, Amanda, Shyrla, Jamie and Alex. Thanks for your support. We appreciate your volunteerism.

03EBAE73-5B51-4AA6-B69F-CAA09451711AMay 18, we had a great group of 12 Dell volunteers from Global Production Planning complete all 23 boxes that we had ready to process. We were delighted to welcome some new volunteers as well as many faithful workers, all led by Shyrla Zapata.

April 27, a group of 9 wonderful volunteers from Dell GCSO led by Bridget Montemayor completed the first 19 boxes for our 2019 shipment. Thanks for all your hard work!

On February 2, Dell volunteers from America’s GPP group led by Shyrla Zapata completed the final 27 boxes for our 2018 shipment. They love to volunteer for us, and we are always so grateful for their help. Shipment to Uganda is tentatively scheduled for the week February 19.

dell_2018_01_19Thanks to the 4 volunteers from the Dell IMO group led by Jo Scribner who worked with us on January 19. We are grateful for their help in completing 15 boxes. As always, we are so appreciative of our faithful Dell volunteers.

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