2022 – Humanitarian Aid

Students are required to wear uniforms and to pay fees. Often, Trudy encounters students who don’t have wearable uniforms or those who don’t have the money to pay fees. Other times, it’s hunger or medical emergencies. Here are some examples from 2022 which are typical of most years. We are grateful for all the contributions which make this possible.

Following are some of the humanitarian aid photos Trudy posted from from Kenya and Uganda this year.

January 31: Today, we were going to train a new librarian at Ewauso Primary in Kenya. We met many children being sent home for lack of fees, which is only $5.00. Some parents had paid $1.00 or $2.00, but didn’t have more to pay. I told the students to follow me back to the school. For $115, I was able to return 27 students to class! I’m thankful Libraries of Love provides humanitarian assistance, as well as libraries.

March 2: These boys walked to their school with me today. The boy on the left had shorts on that were shredded. On the right, the young man had a huge hole in the back of his sweater. So thankful for donors. I was able to buy each boy a new school uniform, as I did also for the other kids pictured.

March 15: There aren’t words to express the gratitude of the beautiful lady on the left. Her husband was swept away by flood waters. She was left with four children. The kids sleep on the dirt floor. She was sleeping on animal skins. I don’t think we can even imagine. I sent her home with a mattress and two blankets, plus did the same for a lady who is very sick with HIV. I give thanks for those who care about people they will probably never meet. God bless you many times over!

March 7: One of our sponsored’s grandmother on her only mattress. Definitely time for a new mattress and blanket! She was so happy.
** FYI: Good deeds I do with my money, I don’t post. Those done with donor’s money, I like to post so they can see the happiness brought by their donation.

April 16: I love it when God puts people in my path that need help! Meet Praise, Precious, and Princess!
Today, I was able to buy three outfits a piece, milk, pampers, and socks, plus a mattress, sheets, and a blanket for the grandmother who was sleeping on the floor. Their gratitude was overwhelming. Many thanks to those that donated for this. Changing lives!

April 24: Little Zoey in her new chair, wearing her new leg braces. Love the padded back and seat. So thankful we were able to help. The grandmother said the doctors diagnosed her with cerebral palsy. What a doll!

May 2: Sunday treats! Because we gave out 67 soccer balls last week, yesterday we had approximately 140 kids at my house. We managed to give out small packages of cookies to each….but then more came. Oh my! I will need to stop for awhile. Too many to control even with the God Squad helping. We did sing and I let several kids push keys on the accordion. The whole side yard was full also.

May 20: Milton and Eva are 14 and 12 years old, but in first grade. They had never been to school when I found them begging in the streets. Thanks to sponsors, they were ready to start school, then Uganda had no school for two years. They are fourth generation ‘children of the streets,’ from great grandmother forward. We have changed their heritage. These beautiful kids will be university graduates someday. God bless their sponsors.

May 30: Many of you remember Jennifer. Her neighbor locked her in her hut with her three kids. Then, he poured gas all over the hut and set it on fire. Jennifer was totally burned as she tried to break the door down. I read about it in the newspaper and found her at a hospital where they were just waiting for her to die. I had Jennifer, and her daughter, Gift, put in an ambulance. We took them six hours away to a burn unit. 3 1/2 months later, she was able to go home. Love visiting her each year. All glory to our God!

June 12: Today my heart is full of gratitude to those who send funding so that I can take care of humanitarian needs, as well as sponsored kids and libraries. There are daily needs. This man came today and said he needed food. I told the boys to tell him I would buy him food tomorrow. He almost started crying saying hungry, hungry, food, and rubbing his stomach. I gave him all I had. He sat down and immediately started eating. God bless all of you that make this possible!