What students are saying

‘If you want to hide something from an African, put it in a book’ -a well-known saying in Uganda.

Comments from high school students show that they have opened, and read those books. It will be a new generation, empowered through reading. Following are student comments:

Here in Africa, many of our school mottos are: ‘Knowledge is Power!’ Our library has empowered us. It has made us better each day, preparing us to be people capable of changing Africa and the world over with our knowledge.

The people I admire to be like are well-read men and women. When I get there, I will not forget that it was the Libraries of Love that added a spark to set me on that course.

Our library is the only place in our school that one can get true peace. I could not even think that one day I could have a place where I could read all the novels I want. You all have made my dreams come true.

I think the smile on everyone’s face around me, and especially mine, is the same smile on your faces too when you choose the right amazing books which you send us.

When I first went into the library, I thought it was boring. But, when I started reading the books, I found it was magnificent!

The first time I entered the new library, I was breath-taken and could not suppress the sudden gasp that escaped me. The books were so many and they all promised abundant knowledge.

I have learned about many things which have helped in my studies and in my daily life. Since the first day I stepped in the Library of Love, I knew that it would change my life, from an ordinary one to an extraordinary one!

The books are attractive and engrossing. My favorites are the biographies, as I have found my story in them. Before I had a lot of time to waste, but now with this library, I put my mind to work. Thank you so much for this great opportunity.

A gift of roses is precious; that of money is expensive; but a gift of your love for the readers is more treasurable and comes from God.

I have changed from being self-centered, non-active, always quiet in the class, African, as commented on report cards by the class teachers, to one who now shares, joins discussions, and is concerned about my family and friends. My life is interesting and jolly for the first time. The library has made my school the right place to be.