Dell Volunteers – Winter 2015




The final Dell groups before this year’s shipment to Uganda.
What a fantastic job from all the volunteers, all year long. Above is the Regional Ops group that came on February 6. Pictured in front are Amanda, Diana, and Shyrla. Standing are Pablo, Kathy, Natalie, Daniel, Thang, Patricia Jamie, Joaquin, and Nate. Picture at right is the volunteer group from Dell IT who came on January 30 – Jen Erickson, Ken Farrell, Nikole Pope, Hazel Quigley, Ching-Yean Ho, and Aileen McGarrahan. Together the groups completed 23 boxes of books, leaving only 10 to be done by the Monday volunteers to complete this year’s shipment. Cheers to all the volunteers!





Thanks to the Dell volunteers who came on January 23 to prepare books. They completed 12 boxes for 2015 libraries.Pictured above, from left, are Tiffany Wilson, Veronica Irizarry, Micaela Schmitt, Alissa Hans, and Christopher Dykes.

In the photo at left is Vijay Raj Yarijarla.


Thanks to the 6 volunteers from the Dell Sales Ops group who came on January 16 to prepare books for the 2015 libraries. They completed 12 boxes. Yea! Pictured, from left to right, are Kristen Oneal, Rocco Pape, Jason Wenmoth, Sofy Tarud, Anna Montillet, and Vanessa Williams.


Thanks to the volunteer group from Dell Global Custom Solutions & Operations that came to prepare books for the 2015 libraries. We greatly appreciated the continued support of Dell employees and their generosity.

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