Kampala, Uganda – Summer 2005

School: Namirembe Laurel, Kampala Uganda
Students Served: 800


Huge grins, shrieks of delight, twinkling eyes, sharing, laughter, and a sea of gratitude were all part of the day as students and teachers came to hold, look at, and check-out books from Namirembe Laurel Library. The awe on their faces was overwhelming as each child chose a book for the first time!

“This library is a very big gift that will directly benefit us and our other brothers and sisters in the coming generations,” Claire Kwagala, a beautiful young student, said at the opening celebration. A younger boy raised his hand to speak and then said gracefully and simply about those who were so generous, “They have blessed us. May He bless them.”

claire kwagala

The library was definitely a partnership between the Laurel Mountain Elementary community and Namirembe School, as well as our many supporters. Namirembe head administrator said, “When someone is doing such a grand thing for us, we must do our part, also. Thank you!”

At left, Claire Kwagala smiles as she reads a book under a tree in the schoolyard. Claire gave a very inspired speech at the library dedication. Click to see a short video of Libraries of Love volunteers working with Ugandan helpers to build the library and fill it’s shelves.

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