Mbale/Kampala, Uganda – Summer 2012

Libraries Updated: 24


Since 2005, Libraries of Love has opened libraries in 23 schools in Uganda, including this one in 2010 at Ugandan Martyrs Primary School. Our libraries now serve about 30,000 students.

Our continued partnership with these schools includes restocking and providing supplies, which is the primary focus for 2012.

June 4th – 19th: LOL’s 2012 team restocked five libraries and created two new ones. This team added to the many great memories of our teams over the past eight years … each one unique. You have to love volunteers willing to travel to the other side of the world. And, oh my, how the Ugandan children love them!



This has been the ‘extreme makeover’ team – each day restocking and refurbishing our oldest libraries. They have also created one new primary school library and one medical library. Each day has been busy working in libraries, but they have also enjoyed various activities, as well.


  • They have read books to groups of children;
  • visited many classrooms;
  • watched five lions walk in front of our van on safari;
  • attended a 2 ½ hour African singing/dancing dinner show at a beautiful outdoor amphitheater;
  • shopped one evening at a mall;
  • went on home visits with children;
  • watched a sports day at a school;
  • played Netball against teachers;
  • and had dinner at Pastor Wilberforce and Sarah Okumu’s home.


I have loved my time with this incredible team, as we worked together – and enjoyed Uganda. Each day reinforces that Libraries of Love is making a difference.


  • At Uplands High School, a girl was telling us that she had read almost every book in the library – and then started going down the stacks telling us about each one.
  • At a primary school, the librarian shared that high school students have been returning to read and asking to work in the library.
  • At a high school library – two days after opening – they had a meeting of the new literary club, with many students in attendance.
  • Children have been spotted walking home with books.
  • And, two out of four kids who we visited their homes, had library books at home.

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