Mbale/Kampala, Uganda – Summer 2015

Schools: St. Janan High School, Kitante Primary, Zion Primary
Libraries: St. Janan Laurel Library, Kitante Laurel Library, Zion Laurel Library
Students Served: 4600

Facebook post from Trudy (June 16):
The volunteer team arrived Sunday. Took them to Endere Outdoor Theatre in the evening. There were dancers from each part of Uganda, and a comedian, as well. Wonderful evening!

Then the work began. They worked hard Monday putting two libraries together. Wonderful Team!

The team put in 8,000 books today to create a library at Kitante Primary School. Volunteer Shelly Branham said it best, “It was a long but wonderful day to start a library!” 


The team with Gertrude the Director (left); her daughter, Susan (right) and Moses, our librarian.
This completes the three new libraries: Kitante Primary, St. Jinan High School – Bombo, and Zion Primary.
Next the team will restock 11 libraries with about 500 books each.

Facebook post from Trudy (June 21):
The new Zion Primary library … located 3 hours from Mbale in the bush! Cheers!
This school only has 250 students compared to Kitante Primary, which has 3,700 students.
Nice to do small and large.


Facebook post from Trudy (June 26):
Our incredible team boarded the airplane an hour ago to return to the States. They restocked 11 libraries

(which is more difficult than doing new ones), and created 3 new libraries. They spent time with many
young people, sang and visited in classes, took boda rides through the bush, and made many new friends.
I will miss them!


The team poses proudly in the finished Kitante Primary school library. Pictured, left to right,
Camille, Janeal Schmidt, Carolyn Harms, Shelly Branham, Barbara Ludden, Allison Ortega,
a teacher Mathius, Paula Ward, and Trudy Marshall.


July 8, 2015 – Organized a library for the Commissioner of Education at St. Janan High School in Bombo today. Thankful that the librarian from Bombo Military H.S. came to help. Pictured: Susan, head of the English Department, David – our new librarian, Joseph, and Fiona – librarian from Bombo Military. Grateful that our team put the books in order before they left. Huge help!