Mbale/Kampala, Uganda – Summer 2009

Schools: Wambwa Primary School, Namakwekwe Primary, Mbale High School, Martin Nkoyoyo Integrated School, Upland High School, Namirembe Primary School
Libraries: Wambwa Laurel Library, Namakwekwe Laurel Library, Mbale Laurel Library, Martin Nkoyoyo Laurel Library, Upland Laurel Library, Namirembe Laurel Library
Students Served: 4,500



Inspiring! I can’t think of another word that is more appropriate to describe the latest libraries in Uganda. All five are beautiful and well organized. Our men did a fantastic job building shelves and the ladies have become pros at placing the books in the correct Dewey order, and decorating to make the library an inviting place for the students and staff. Two of the libraries are smaller because the school’s student population is less – with three libraries being large.

Our newest librarians are immersed in their work and loving their jobs. We have become wiser in the past five years and now have the new librarians train with our previous librarians before their  libraries are even completed. What a difference! These librarians are excellent teachers, as well. Their chalkboards are full of library concepts: how books are arranged in the fiction and nonfiction sections; how to borrow and return a book; the different subject areas of nonfiction; and, how to know if the book is the correct one for the student.
It was a joy to spend time with our two teams. What can I say about people who were willing to travel across the world to bring knowledge and the love of reading to thousands of deserving children! We laughed, worked, and prayed together. Our friends in Uganda enjoyed every minute with them. May God bless them for their dedication and servant hearts.

We have already begun work on our next libraries for 2010! Please check the website often to see the latest updates.

– Trudy Marshall
Executive Director

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