Mbale/Kampala, Uganda – Summer 2016


What a great team!  It is hard to imagine the work involved. This team definitely did their part – working quickly and tirelessly. They laughed and joked even when conditions were hot and dirty at times . They are pictured with our favorite safari driver, Naser.

Libraries Updated: 13
One new library created

Thirteen existing Libraries of Love libraries were restocked this summer with thousands of books, and one new high school library was created. Many thanks to the incredible 2016 team for their hard work and for taking time to share their love with the students. The “mzungu” parade through the villages to visit sponsored students’ homes will never be forgotten. The huge smiles said it all.

Over 88,000 students have enjoyed reading books from Libraries of Love’s 36 libraries over a 12-year period. Students who attended the first nine schools which received libraries (13,000 students) have moved up to secondary schools, or have graduated from secondary. At these schools, a second “generation” of readers are now borrowing books. That has been one of our goals, younger brothers and sisters having the same access to books as their older siblings. We are thankful. It is a happening. All of our supporters make it happen.

Regular librarian and principal meetings are held each term. However, excitement reins in Uganda when it is time for the two-day librarian workshop, and the two-day principal meeting. After this many years, many of our librarians and principals are “old” friends. When they arrive from the seven cities, there are loud voices calling out to each other, lots of laughter, and many hugs. It is a great time of reviewing best library practices. Also, the librarians and headmasters share positive experiences from their libraries, as well as do problem solving. Always, there is inspirational singing that takes place.

From Trudy’s Facebook posts during the summer:


(May 28)
Always a joy to be with our librarians from 7 cities. Great time of sharing about libraries, singing, dancing African style, and establishing friendships. Wonderful people who have a tough job, with 100-200 students per class arriving in the library. They have my admiration.


(May 30)
Long day – but Namirembe Laurel Library looks great. This is our oldest library, now 12 years. Our 3rd restocking added hundreds of new books once again. Thanks to Paula Ward, and Olivia, our librarian for their hard work.


(June 1)
Paula, our librarian, and I did restock number 2 today at Bat Valley Primary. This picture just shows two of the walls. The nonfiction on a different wall is totally packed with books. Thousands of books for adorable kids when they return to school on Monday! Did I ever mention that redoing libraries, or adding new ones, is hard, tiring work? It is, but that fades when you see the outcome.


(June 14)
Having put four libraries together, it was time to float down the Nile River. Beautiful day. Wonderful team.


(June 15)
Yes, a class of 86 can fit in the library. Lorna, our librarian, does an excellent job keeping them in order and making sure each borrows a book.


(June 15)
The perfect day in Uganda. We shared songs with a 4th grade class, and then enjoyed library time with 1st and 2nd grade students at different schools. In the afternoon, we had an inspiring fellowship with the team and Mbale librarians, which included plenty of singing, plus Pastor Wilberforce sharing. Last, we were off to the bush on the bodas to visit sponsored kids!



(June 17)
You can’t imagine the work. Today this incredible team had to clean filthy shelves, and then they organized and placed a minimum of 8,000 books on the shelves. Huge task, but the library looked beautiful at the end of the day! Way to go team 2016!!

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