Mbale/Kampala, Uganda – Summer 2013

Schools: Mengo Primary, Faithful Servants Primary, Faithful Servants Secondary, Mothercare Preparatory
Libraries: Mengo Laurel Library, Faithful Servants Primary Laurel Library, Faithful Servants Secondary Laurel Library, Mothercare Preparatory Laurel Library
Students Served: 4000

In reflection, I simply shake my head and think – incredible. As we have provided libraries the past 9 years, the administrators have constantly commented on the difference reading has made in concentration, expanded vocabulary, improved writing skills, and general knowledge.
Abraham Lincoln once said, “The things I want to know are in books. My best friend is the man who gives me a book I haven’t read.” The books are changing lives, but the continued friendships and love that are shared through LOL are changing lives as well.

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Mbale/Kampala, Uganda – Summer 2011

Schools: Bombo Military High, Gangama Primary, Nabuyonga Primary, Fairway Primary
Libraries: Bombo Military Laurel Library, Gangama Laurel Library, Nabuyounga Laurel Library, Fairway Laurel Library
Students Served: 5000

June 27, 2011 – Tomorrow the real world hits. Up and out the gate at 7:00. I will be meeting class after class at each of our three new schools – one school a day for the next 3 days. After school, around 6:00, I will be meeting with the teachers and administrators showing them how their library is organized and the process of borrowing! Cheers!

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Dell Volunteers – Spring 2015


We had a great Dell group work on May 15. They are returning volunteers who always accomplish so much.  This time they completed 19 boxes, which was all we had. Pictured are James Greren, Shyrla Zapata, Kathy Hicks, Pablo Harrsch, Thang Pham, Michael Bishop, Daniel Rounds, Kristina Phillips, Amanda Zapata,and Diana Watkins. Not pictured was Randy Maynard.


Many thanks to this group of  Dell volunteers who completed 12 boxes on April 10, the first books prepared for the 2016 libraries. Volunteering were Walter Carrion, Pascal Cohen-Hadria, Linda Lu, Bridget Montemayor, Lupe Guzman, Stacey Meyer, and Oralia Perez.


Kampala, Uganda – Summer 2010

Schools: Kisubi Primary, Ugandan Martyrs Primary, African Children’s Choir Primary, Kings College – Budo
Libraries: Kisubi Laurel Library, Ugandan Martyrs Laurel Library, African Children’s Choir Laurel Library, Kings College Laurel Library
Students Served: 5000

2010_kings_college_1 2010_kings_college

July 1, 2010 – The volunteer team from Illinois arrived at King’s College (a high school) around 10:00am. The school had planned the grand opening of the library at 4:00pm. In six hours, the team unpacked about 4,000 books, put them in Dewey order, shelved the books, hung maps and signage. They were ready for the opening right at 4:00! Read more on Trudy’s blog.

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Mbale/Kampala, Uganda – Summer 2009

Schools: Wambwa Primary School, Namakwekwe Primary, Mbale High School, Martin Nkoyoyo Integrated School, Upland High School, Namirembe Primary School
Libraries: Wambwa Laurel Library, Namakwekwe Laurel Library, Mbale Laurel Library, Martin Nkoyoyo Laurel Library, Upland Laurel Library, Namirembe Laurel Library
Students Served: 4,500



Inspiring! I can’t think of another word that is more appropriate to describe the latest libraries in Uganda. All five are beautiful and well organized. Our men did a fantastic job building shelves and the ladies have become pros at placing the books in the correct Dewey order, and decorating to make the library an inviting place for the students and staff. Two of the libraries are smaller because the school’s student population is less – with three libraries being large.

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Mbale, Uganda – Summer 2008

Schools: Mbale Secondary, North Road Primary
Libraries: Mbale Laurel Library, North Road Laurel Library
Students Served: 7,100


“It is an undeniable fact that the books will have an immeasurable impact on the students of Mbale area in general and Bugokho Secondary School in particular.
These books are an invisible ‘love’ handshake that will last forever.
– Bugokho Headmistress 

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Kampala, Uganda – Summer 2007

Schools: Namungoona Primary, Bat Valley Primary, Mengo Secondary School, St. Mary Kevin’s Orphans School
Libraries: Namungoona Laurel Library, Bat Valley Laurel Library, Mengo Secondary Laurel, St. Mary Kevin’s Laurel Library
Students Served: 4,600



What can volunteers from three states, some of whom have never even met each other, accomplish in just two weeks?  They can enrich the lives of more than 9,000 Ugandan children.  And, that’s just what 19 Libraries of Love volunteers did the first two weeks of June 2007 – completing five new projects and working with libraries created in 2005 and 2006.

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Mbale, Uganda – Summer 2006

School: Namatala Primary
Library: Namatala Laurel Library

Students Served: 3,000



The library is indescribable. It is a large room with 8,500 books filling every bit of space on the bookshelves! The shelves wrap around three walls, with the computers across the fourth wall. We had a great time decorating the room with magnificent, huge, canvas wall hangings (posters) that say Reading is Magic, which have pictures of books and “fairy dust.” These are purple, gold, and white. We placed colorful posters showing the various sections of the Dewey Decimal System, as well as cards identifying the sections of the library (easy, fiction, nonfiction, reference)

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Kampala, Uganda – Summer 2005

School: Namirembe Laurel, Kampala Uganda
Students Served: 800


Huge grins, shrieks of delight, twinkling eyes, sharing, laughter, and a sea of gratitude were all part of the day as students and teachers came to hold, look at, and check-out books from Namirembe Laurel Library. The awe on their faces was overwhelming as each child chose a book for the first time!

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